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Rowell, Ronald Principal
Clinton, Yulanda Assistant Principal
Dennis, Andrea Assistant Principal
Diaz, David Assistant Principal
Mitchell, Don Assistant Principal
Terry, Eric Resource Officer
Parris, Patty Signature Academy Specialist

Adams, Frank JROTC
Adkison, Teresa Career Tech Education
Arnold, Stephanie Paraprofessional
Baggett, Amy Special Ed.
Bark, Staci Special Education
Beall, Catherine Science
Beane, Kate Science
Bolton, Michelle Special Education
Brown, Karen Science Department Chairperson
Brown, Michael Math
Brown, Mildred Paraprofessional
Callister, Gary JROTC
Chaney, Earnestine Math
Cleveland, Kristy English
Coffman, Zach Social Studies
Collier, Eric Driver's Education
Correro, Amanda Foreign Language
Davis, Dan Science
Dawes, Byron Director of Bands
Dubose, Sabrina Career Tech
Earnest, Al PE/Health
Everett, Jennifer Math
Ford, Mike PE/Health
Freeman, Kathy Art
Frierson, Leslie English
Gafford, Thomas Special Ed.
Garris, Catherine Social Studies
Giattina, Victor Math
Gipson, Zack Science
Goodwin, Kendall Special Education
Gray, Kim Special Ed.
Grimes, Ryan History
Hackett, Frank History
Hand, Steven Career Tech
Harold, Karen Special Education IEP team leader
Harper, Kyle Science
Hewes, David Social Studies
Hewes, Sherry Social Studies
Holt, William Science / Social Studies
Hovell, Jaimie Health Science Occupations
Howard, Felice Marketing Education Coordinator
Hudson, LaToya PE/Health/Dr.Ed.
Jackson, Kathleen English
Jones, Jamie Counselor
Kiser, Carolyn Math
Larson, Randall History
Lawless, Sharon Counselor
LeGros, Christy Art
Lindquist, Abigail Fine Arts
McClure, Terry Math
McDaniel, Deborah Special Ed.
McElroy, Rene Special Ed.
McGuff, April English
McGuff, Jeremy Social Studies
McRae, Joseph English
Meredith, Andra Science
Mitchell, Jimise Counselor
Morgan, Chris History
Morgan, Jeanette Special Education Homebound
Murray, Jeff Math
Murray, Tyler Driver's Ed.
Patrick, Deborah Science
Philen, Shane Band
Pierce, Rachael English
Prine, Emily Math
Purnell, Tasha Paraprofessional
Rigsby, Michelle Media Specialist
Robinson, Roslyn Family and Consumer Science
Roebling, Phillip P. E.
Ross, Daphne Media Specialist
Scott, Jennifer Science
Sexton, Tabitha English
Shearer, Jeannie Math
Shipley, Michael Social Studies
Smith, Bo Science
Stacey, Krista Foreign Language
Stratas, Mike French & History (AP Euro. & Mobile)
Tapscott, Shannon Social Studies
Thomas, Sheryl Adapted P.E./Special Olympics
Tillman, Janie Special Education - Math 9 Teacher
Vulevich, Erin Special Education
Wagner, Mary English
Walley, Derrick Social Studies
Walters, Michael English
Weatherly, Dennis Career Technology
Wells, Kevin Math
Wells, Matthew Career Tech Education
Whitehead, Jackie Drama Department
Williamson, Marcia English
Wilson, Panda Science
Withers, Veronica Paraprofessional
Young, Ray Special Ed.

Arnold, Stephanie Paraprofessional
Bennett, Robert Maintenance
Brown, Mildred Paraprofessional
Casper, Sue Paraprofessional
Clemons, Tanya Lead Custodian
Henderson, Myrtle Cafeteria Manager
Hudson, Darleen Principal's Secretary
Livingston, Mike Registrar
Mathiack, Mary Secretary
McKenzie, Nancy Bookkeeper
Mosley, Tracy Parent Organizer
Murphy, Pam Paraprofessional
Purnell, Tasha Paraprofessional
Rigsby, Richard Attendance Paraprofessional
Sweetland, Patti First Aid Nurse
Szejniuk, Missy Paraprofessional
Welch, Donna Paraprofessional
Withers, Veronica Paraprofessional

Hutto, Sylvia Parent Organizer